Shaping the
digital transformation of healthcare systems.

Our focus.

We use machine learning and online & mobile technologies to build digital health applications. Together with our partners, we use these applications to tackle the health challenges of the 21st century. In code we trust.

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Our projects.



AIcrowd, a spin-off from our lab, is the premier open platform for crowdsourcing real-world AI problems, through challenges.

The Open Food Repo

The Open Food Repo is an open access, community-driven database of barcoded food products.


Crowdbreaks is a crowdsourced health tracking system.


MyFoodRepo is a smartphone app allowing individuals to easily track their food consumption.

Food & You

Food & You is a digital cohort on personalized nutrition to study individual blood sugar responses.

Network Epidemiology

We use complex networks to model the spread and prevention of infectious diseases (such as influenze or the plague).