CrowdAI is an open data challenge platform. It has a scientific and an educational purpose: invite anyone to solve interesting data science challenges, and teach others how to do it at the same time.


Food Repo

Food Repo is an open access database on information about barcoded food products sold in Switzerland. Accessible through an open API, it is the largest open data source on Swiss products.



Crowdbreaks is a crowdsourced disease surveillance system, which is designed to track trends about major health and disease-related issues in real-time across different countries. The project will soon be launched.



MyFoodRepo is a smartphone app to track food consumption. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyse the photos of meals and barcode information from the Food Repo database. The app is allows to track the dietary intake of cohort study subjects.


Food & You

Food & You is a citizen science project on personalized nutrition to study the individual blood sugar responses. The project is coordinated entirely digitally through a web platform and the smartphone app MyFoodRepo.