Marcel Salathé
Associate Professor

Marcel Salathé is Associate Professor at EPFL and head of the Digital Epidemiology lab. His interest lies in combining machine learning with the broad usage of online mobile technology to build innovative health systems. He is also deeply involved in online education as academic director of the EPFL Extension School.

Marina Secat

With more than 10 years of experience as an executive assistant in communications and in the luxury hotel business, Marina has many strings to her bow: She's highly flexible, proactive and professional.
Originally from the South-West of France, she has a strong accent in both French and in English. Epicurean, and a lover of nature, Marina’s passion is rock-climbing.

Aleksandr Balakiriev

Software Engineer with proven experience in area of Web, API and test automation. Experienced in Agile environments, relying on clean code, testing and continuous integration.
Participated in a variety of large-scale international projects. Avid self-learner, father and enjoys travelling.

Boris Conforty

Boris started his professional career as a medical doctor and a touristic mini-train driver. His first try at science was in respiratory physiology, which is probably why he likes fresh air so much. After a successful start-up and a few indie projects, he shaped as a computer scientist and found his way back into science, merging his medical and computer science background with his interest for machine learning.

Yannis Jaquet
Developer 'Yannis Jaquet', title: 'PhD in Biology', code: ['Ruby', 'Rails', 'Javascript', 'Reactjs'], current_projects: ['EPFL Extension School']))

Djilani Kebaili

Djilani, also known as DJ among friends, started his coding career making console and mobile video games. He has more recently enjoyed building and maintaining educational apps and websites used by millions. His two favorite activities are hiking, card games, and fixing off-by-one errors.

Chloé Allémann
Research Scientist

Chloé has a MSc in Life Sciences and Technologies. During her studies, she has been involved in various projects related to personalized health that brought her lots of enthusiasm. She enjoys interdisciplinary work and exchange with people from different horizons. She has always been very curious about what people eat around her and around the world. During her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, or picking mushrooms and wild plants.

Talia Salzmann
Research Scientist

After a BSc in Life Sciences and Technologies at EPFL, Talia worked in international public health organizations before studying Global Health in Sweden. After being involved in several international global health projects, Talia is delighted to be back at EPFL to combine technology and public health in a highly innovative and dynamic environment. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, dancing and learning new things.

Sylvain Bernard
Event Manager

Sylvain Bernard has a MSc in Bioengineering from EPFL, a degree that he got while organizing the biggest student festival in Europe for 4 years in a row on campus (Balélec Festival). He then spent two years at swissnex San Francisco, showcasing the best of Switzerland in the Bay Area. Sylvain likes music festivals, indie video games and swimming with big underwater animals.

Gianrocco Lazzari
PhD Student

Three years ago Gianrocco made the big jump from high-energy physics to computational biology, like other physicists did. In the Digital Epidemiology Lab he has been focusing on mathematical modelling of influenza spread, based on digital measurements of the underlying contact network. His interests lie at the intersection of public health and data analysis.

Martin Müller
PhD Student

Martin has a background in Biochemistry and did his MSc degree in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics at ETH Zurich. His interests span form Network Epidemiology to sentiment analysis and natural language processing. He gets all excited about beautiful data visualisations, chess, really good food, beer brewing (... and of course beer drinking).

Emil Bolliger
MSc Student

After a BSc in Life Sciences and Technologies at EPFL, Emil decided to continue his training in the field of human medicine at UNIL. It is within the framework of his master’s project that he has the opportunity to join the lab team, thus giving himself the chance to combine his engineering background with his growing interest in epidemiology.

da Rocha Rodrigues
David da Rocha Rodrigues
MSc Student

Currently following a MSc in Data Science at EPFL, David is enthusiastic about real-world applications of machine learning.He joined the Digital Epidemiology Lab in the context of a semester project, where he is working on natural language processing under the supervision of Martin Müller.
He is extremely happy to work with words, as literature happens to be one of his main passions.

Geneviève Rousseau-Leupin
Data Analyst

From Canada, Geneviève completed a Bachelor in Commerce at Concordia University and started her career as a production coordinator in the Canadian entertainment industry. Following her passion for everything food/wine related, she attended a MSc in Gastronomical Sciences in Italy, where she also later worked, traveling Europe and abroad to study local/artesanal-vs-industrialized food productions and cultures. In Switzerland since 12 years, she has worked mainly in the wine industry. A great fan of the outdoors, she enjoys hikes in the mountains with her family followed by a great meal and glass of wine!

Sean Carroll

Sean has has lived and worked in several countries and across many industries. Starting his professional life as a software trainer, he has since worked in a wide variety of technical, business and leadership roles. The possibilities offered by the open data revolution powered by machine learning are of particular interest, and he finds it very interesting to work in Salathé Lab. He enjoys socialising, travel and a good book.

Laura Symul
Research Scientist

After her PhD in computational biology studying the post-transcriptional regulation of the circadian clock, Laura has worked as a data scientist, done data visualisations and science communication for the industry, international organisations and academia. She is now back to research to study another rhythmic biological system - the menstrual cycle - from a perspective of self-tracking with the aim to evaluate the potential of these data for personalised health applications and the improvement of menstrual wellbeing. If not in the lab, you can find her dancing, practicing yoga or reading graphic novels at the lake.

Sharada Prasanna Mohanty
PhD Student

Sharada Mohanty has a bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters by Research in Computational Linguistics from IIIT Hyderabad, India. An opensource enthusiast, his interests and curiosities lie around Applied Machine Learning in a range of real world problems, from detection of diseases from images; to designing agents which can teach musculoskeletal models how to walk. He loves to travel, devour really spicy food, and always on the lookout for the best beer in the vicinity.

Camille Montalcini
PhD Student

Camille has a MSc in Mathematics from EPFL. Animals and environment are for her more than a hobby, she would like one day to contribute in making a more equitable relationship between animals and human. Also, she likes to learn new machine learning techniques,
and improve her graph theory, probability, statistics and NLP skills. Different range of interests are driving her free time, from jewellery production to searching stones in nature.

Anuradha Welivita
PhD Student

Anuradha is a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. She worked at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa as a lecturer before joining doctoral school at EPFL. She likes to collaborate with people from different disciplines to carry out interdisciplinary research. She is passionate about travelling around the world to experience different cultures.

Servan Grüninger
MSc Student

Servan once was an avid tamer of fruit flies and the merciless bane of infectious worms. But then realised that statistical subtleties are much more to his liking. He holds a Master's degree in Biostatistics from the University of Zurich and is currently a Master student in Computational Science & Engineering at EPFL. Outside the realm of nerds and geeks he has been dabbling at being a science journalist and columnist. Some people claim that he only shaves his head because he is balding. You might very well think that; he could not possibly comment.

Guillaume Mollard
MSc Student

Guillaume started a master in Computational Science and Engineering after finishing a BSc in Life Science and Engineering at EPFL. He is interested in Machine Learning and mathematical modelling of biological systems. He spends his free time hiking, playing chess and eating cheese, sometimes accompanied by a glass of wine.

Axel Uran
MSc Student

Axel is currently finishing his Master at EPFL in Life Sciences with an orientation in Neuroscience and a minor in Management of Technologies. Starting as a bioengineer he slowly drifted to the dark side by enjoying data science more and more to finally dream about perfectly preprocessed datasets. When he is not training a perfect model he can either be found swimming, cooking or crying in front of the computer after realising that he trained that model on the wrong dataset for 4 days…

Seth Vanderwilt
MSc Student

Seth Vanderwilt did his BSc in Computer Science at the University of Washington. He is spending his master's studies searching for clever and creative ways to use the power of artificial intelligence to help humans live healthier lives in harmony with the Earth. He loves to be in the right place at the right time - and the right place is usually covered in snow!